A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

After watching the races Saturday, it reconfirmed my views on racing and the short comings of NASCAR.

Watching the races, in particular the motorcycle and Trans Am races, I was reintroduced to my strong preference to road courses and a lot of variety in the vehicles on the course. I like that some vehicles are better in corners and others are better on the straight away. This creates more lead changes and extended excitement.

In NASCAR, the cars are so homonogized, and most of the tracks are oval, which takes a lot of the challenge out of the race. Other than in accidents (Tony Stewart doing his best to keep the fans entertained) and pit stops, the lead changes seem to be few and far between. This from a sport that started out with street cars running moonshine down dirt roads. It's lost it's roots and it's edge. It compensates with hype, which can only carry the sport so far.

NASCAR is driver vs. drive. Races should be driver vs track vs car vs driver.

I long for the days when NASCAR returns to it's roots or fades away and some real racing takes it's place. Or road rally racing stops staggering the cars. Or when the big boys of racing stop being too afraid of the cork screw at Sears Point. When racers learn to use the brakes and knowing their own limitations instead of claiming the course is too dangerous. I think racing has lost something over the years and I hope it can at some point take a step back, look at the vintage races, and learn what it it.

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