A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

The cowards are out again. Once again I get an anonymous comment that is just spam.

As I do get the forward in my mailbox, can I complain to LJ that I am receiving spam? Probably not, but it would be amusing.

I find it interesting that someone has so little faith in their community that when they advertise, they need to do it anonymously. The mods are crucias and moxxxxxie, and one other member __jackie__. So the coward in question is likely one of those three, and more than likely one of the mods.

Now I could go on about hos crucias (a.k.a., Jen) looks like she's suffering from Down's syndrome, or how moxxxxxie (a.k.a., Alex) looks like he's trying to talk twelve year old girls into meeting him in a dark alley, but that would be immature.

Instead, I will point out how spam is not respectful. Anonymous spam even less so. And rule 5 of their community is "Show respect". So I will comment on how they are the kind of hypocritical losers who can not follow the rules they have set for themselves.

I will also comment on how little confidence someone must have to need to seek aproval in a rating community. Even more so if you start the community yourself, so nothing negative can ever be said about you.

I stand by my belief that rating communities are the bane of LiveJournal, where small minded people can for little cliques and put down other people when they feel the need to go on a power trip. They are abuse and hurtful. And to be part of one is disrespectful to the LiveJournal community in general.

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