A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

There have been reports that GWB flipped off some protesters. This has left me wondering one thing, "How does George flip the bird?"

I mean, there are so many ways and the style a person uses seems to relect their personality.

There is the method I go for, the in your face straight flat hand knuckle fold. So it's like your hand is flat and you just bend all but you middle finger over at the second knuckle. I think it has a mosre agressive look.

Or the rounded "use your thumb to hold your fingers down" look. It's like to are trying to do the number three, but you only have your middle finger up. I tend to avoid this one as it's this is how little kids flip each other off. Plus it looks kind of wimpy.

There is the "I wish I was sly" scratching your forehead method. It's witty the first dozen times, but after that it quickly sinks into the lame zone.

Then you have the elementary school psudo flip, where you use the finger next to the middle finger. It's the plausable deniability flip, where people from a distance will think you did something vulgar, but you can deny it later.

Then again, it might have just been a big mistake. George could have been picking his nose and got his finger stuck.

As we have no photo evidence, how do you think George flips people off?

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