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WTF? I updated this about 6:30 this morning, and the post is gone? The Post Deleting Lawn Gnomes Of Doom must have escaped soshesays journal, and are haunting mine. Time to go gnome huntin'. Bag limit? We don't need no steenkin' bag limit!

Let's try it on more time. This time with feeling!

I had an amazing time Sunday.

After vacumming and doing the dishes I headed out to downtown to swing by Pro Photo Suply and Camera World of Oregon. PPS was closed, but CWoO was open. I've got a contract offer through a coworker to do some infrared shots for an advertisement. The job will pay $150. But as it turnes out, as my landscape lens is 77mm, the filter will cost $250. Plus they don't carry any opaque IR filters, as there is so little demand. The odd thing is they sell them on their web site, but they couldn't order one for me. But either way, I can't justify spending $250 to make $150. If I thought there would be repeat money making offers infolving the filter, then maybe.

I parked in a parking structure next to CWoO, on the fifth floor. But I noiced this was a tall building and I might be able to get some cool pictures from up there. So I drove up ten floors or so to discover a great view of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, and the cast iron decorations on the buildings (lots of great detail you can't see from the street). About the time I'm going to take the first picture, a very nice elderly security guard politely tells me I can't take pictures. It seems they made the no photos rule after 9/11 and never got rid of the rule. So I packed up and left.

I then went across the river, by OMSI, and got some great pictures of downtown.

After that, I went up to Marine Dr. in hopes of getting some more pictures. About that time the wonderful supergirl_04 called, and I headed over to her place.

supergirl_04 and the wonderfully effervescent Super Kids and I pilled in to the car and off we went. We went up the Columbia Gorge, while discussing how great the Maryhill Museum is. Eventually we got to Oneonta Gorge. I can not convey how beatutful this gorge is (though, I will certainly try). It had sheer cliff walls going up a hundred feet or so on both sides, and it is about twenty feet wide, and goes in a fairly straight direction north-south. It is very lush, and nice and cool on hot summer days. With extremely clear water, swimming holes, and fish you can readily see in the water, it's a very idilic place. I need to go back wih my tripod, so I can take pictures of this place that do is justice.

From there, we went back via Multnomah Falls, then off to mexican dinner (yummy Mole sauce!!!!). Then I went home via Marine Dr and got a few pictures, and got home just in time to play video games with my cousins daughter.

And then sleep. Lots of sleep.

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