A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Good evening. I was leaving work and noticed the Portland Art and Wine Festival, so I called up my parents to see if they would rather have dinner there, they thought is was a grand idea. So I hung out with Mike L. till they arrived. I stuck to the Pinot Noir's and a couple ports, and Boca Noir. The Boca was very good, but somewhat over powering taste wise. The Pinot's were excellent. And the Port's were disapointing. I know it's supposed to be a desert wine, but it shoudln't taste like syrup. The baked salmon caesar was awesome.

Then on the way home I looped out in to the farms. The warmth of the day fading, with a slight chill in the breeze, the sunlight quickly fading on the horizon, and the smell of hay and dust. I love it! When I was in the bay area I loved the people and the events. Here, I love going 5 blocks and being surrounds by farms and ranchs.

It makes me wonder if sci-fi things like teleporters ever ecame possible, how it would change the patterns of where people live. Would people isolate them selves on farms? Form communes? Huge hive like housing structures. It would give you the ultimate say in how close you would have to live to other people.
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