A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

View on religion and spirituality....

I have a friend who is taking up religion, and I wish them the most in this endevour, and this is in no way an attack on they beliefs or anyone elses. But there taking up this religion had me thinking about my own.

I have never felt the desire to join or be part of a religous group.

In theory I am jewish, as my Mothers, Mothers, Mother, Mother (or something like that) was a practicing Jew, and my fathers side of the family has been Methodists for generations.

When I was young, I was never baptized. My parents took my sister and I to a number of different churches when we were young, and figured we could choose our own and be batized there. We never did.

Organized religion has never jived with me. I've often felt spiritual, like being one with nature, but never religous. I've never felt religous rules were needed, that just being good to the people around you is common sense and good enough. Sort of a social karma; If you are good to others, they will be good to you.

I've often felt we are in an infinate universe, and in an infinate universe, there are infinate possibilities. I feel that god is an other word for infinity. Something improbable happens that we can't explain at this time, we say it's god's work. But as the universe is infinate with infinate possibilities, then can't the improbible just be chance?

If I were to believe in a higher power, it would be the "Clock Maker" approach. A clock maker makes a clock, winds it, and leaves. My mind can not comprend infinity. I understand it as a concept, but I can not imagine something without a beginning. There had to be, in my mind, a source for all the raw material to create the big bang. And that is where the clock maker approach comes in.

It bothers me, the idea of a god that would create creatures to worshipit and die. It's almost like we are a food source for harvest, on a spiritual level.

Oops... More on this later, I need to go get ready for tonight....

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