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As I sit here, about to go to bed...

I was wondering... Are there ideal states and stituations for us? Or is the grass always greener on the other side. Several people called this evening for my roomie, and no one called for me. I was thinking it must be nice to have all these people wanting to call and do stuff with you, but then I thought about how when I've been in that situation in the past, I've been afraid to decline invites and end up getting woren out because I don't have enough time for myself.

This led me to wonder if we actually have an ideal state/condition/situation to be in, or will we always want something different. If the perfect state is not attainable, why bother working for it? If it is attainable, is it worth the effort?

Am I working to hard for something I will never reach, or not working hard enough for something I should have reached years ago? Another way to phrase this is, "Am I trying so hard to enjoy life that I can't enjoy it?" John, in refference to acid, "Don't try to find the trip, let it find you." Should I just sit back, use the same logic, and let life find me?

Part of me really wants to take some shrooms, enter a trance state and discuss this with myself for a few hours, but I did enough stuff last weekend. So, I'm going to give my brain a break, lest I bruise it.
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