A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Spam stories for trippers... Once again, I get a spam with text that is so close to making sense (but not quite), I have to wonder if these have the making of a psychodelic poetry session...

Bit #1
Do you live at Port Orford? inquired the sailor
At once the Mangaboos began piling up the rocks of glass again, and as the little man realized that they were all about to be entombed in the mountain he said to the children: My dears, what shall we do? Jump out and fight? What's the use? replied Dorothy That's what we do, friend; an' if your party wants to join us we'll do our best to make you comf'table, bein' as you're shipwrecked an' need help

Bit #2:
The relative risks and confidence intervals available with all current evidence do not point to a potential benefit overall or in specific subgroups of patients Furthermore assessment of efficacy among subgroups such as patients with P aeruginosa infections probably requires an unachievable number of patients treated empirically at the time benefit of antibiotic treatment is most evident These are the Big Boys of American Abstract Expressionism and I am drop-jawed at seeing them in a private house rather than in a gallery or book.I did a history of art course at university,which helped in expressing my response beyond the usual'my gosh'gush.

As much as I hate spam, at least I get some amusement from a little bit of it.

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