A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I have new tires. The $90-$100 a corner seems to have not included the install cost. The total was just shy of $600. Sears is not my friend right now.

But I am not longer on bald tires, so the world should be good. The only remaining repair, other than a tune up in 15,000 miles, is it needs to be aligned (slight pull to the right). So in a pay check or two I will be plopping down $60-$70 for the front and rear alignment.

It's been a spendy year for auto stuff.

But the warped rotor is fixed, the pads fixed, the tires replaced.

Hmmm... What is the normal life expectancy of shocks? I wonder how long until I need to budget that in.

I really wanted some mud terrain tires. They look bad ass, and after last winter, I want something with better snow handling. But as I have a perfectly good full sized spare, I figured 4 tires is better than having to buy 5.

The biggest difference I've noticed is the ride is so much quieter. I can understand what people are saying on NPR when I'm at freeway speeds again!

Still, spending $200 more than planned hurt. But I get paid right before the drive to California, so that should be fine.

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