A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

To further sex fun...

Euphemism Meaning
To part the corn beef curtains To have sex
Blue veined custard chucker Penis
Go in off the red To have sex
Knocks like a Mack truck Is good at sex
Horizontal folk dancing Sex
Sink the saveloy Sex
Get your jollies Have sex, have an orgasm
Exercise the ferret Have sex
Park the prawn Have sex
Gnash the gash, gnaw the 'nana Oral sex (cunnilingus and fellatio)
In and out like a fiddler's elbow Having sex quickly
Tummy banana Penis
Muff munching Cunnilingus
Whip the clit Masturbate
Snapping a widey Becoming aroused (female)
Having a wide-on Becoming aroused (female)
Map of Tasmania Female genital area
Bangs like a dunny door Is good at sex
Pyjama python Penis
One-eyed trouser snake Penis
Point Percy at the Porcelain Urinate (male)
Flash Fanny at the Fowlers Urinate (female)
Norgs, Norks Breasts
Pocket Billiards Masturbating in public
To make the beast with two backs To have sex
Country matters Sexual matters
Skin golf To have sex
Rumpy Pumpy Sexual matters
Worm hole Vagina
Rub uglies Have sex
Horizontal Mambo Have sex

was stolen from here.

Why do I think using ANY of those phrases would leave me flying solo for the evening?

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