A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Listenning to the testimony before congress on SSRI's for kids, I noticed a few gaps in the testimony.

First, I have very mixed feelings on psychiatric medication. I do think they help some people, but that they are over prescribed, and are not followed up with nearly enough therapy.

It seems to be common to have to go through a wide range of medications and dosages before you get a combination that works for you. The testimony seemed to single out Paxil. Is the drug to blame, or that the patient was not properly monitored and moved to a better medication?

Second, in a child the brain is still developing. As with most organic things, not all areas will develop at the same rate. It seemed like every kid interviewed was already condemned to drugs for life, with no thought of easing off the drugs as maturity nears. It's like diagnosing that a tire will pop at exactly 20,000 niles while the car is still on the assembly line.

While I think the labels might help, I really hope this spurs more and better research into what is the right drug for the right person, and move away from the "let's try this, and then this, and then this" approach that exists now.

One interesting talk I went to a couple years ago had a doctor who injects an isotope into the blood stream and you turn in to a giant mutant... Oops... No. Actually they track the blood flow and they found that certain SSRI's increased blood flow to certain sections of the brain. They would see where blood flow was low, apply the SSRI to correct the blood flow, and usually had the right dose after a couple tried instead of half a dozen to a dozen. But this means of diagnosis doesn't seem to be out in the real world yet.

So, what are your thoughts on psychiatric medication on children?

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