A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I think I want to go do this, and be as over-the-top bad as I can... ;)
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 12:41:46 -0700
From: Laughing Squid <lists@laughingsquid.org>
To: squidlist@laughingsquid.com
Subject: SQUID [6/21] Stuffed Dates Dating Game show

Do you like to watch desperate people beg for a date?
Do you love to see them get shot down like an unarmed Iraqi jet?
Have you ever expressed a need to publicly show off just to get a piece?
Do you have a thing for clowns?

Then do we have a game show for you! Come watch desperate singles beg and plead to get a date! We've got several sets of gruesome match-ups in which a loser (if you need to come to this show to get a date, a winner you're not) courts two contestants for the match-up of a [junebug's] lifetime.

Stuffed Dates: The Dating Game That Gives Bad Taste A Whole New Flavor

Just because these singles haven't been lucky in love, doesn't mean that they won't get lucky on our show! Laugh as they compete for:

A) A Date with the person of their dreams
B) Everlasting and harmonious soul co-existence with another human life form
C) Fabulous prizes
D) Notoriety, the adulation of the crowd, the blatant departure from the use of foodstuffs for their intended purpose, and putting themselves on the spot to be the object of vexation and ridicule from our illustrious Host.

See them as the contest brings you:
* Foolish displays of sexual prowess on stage!
* Contestant nibbling by our glamorous stage hands!
* Popsicle and papaya eating contests (take a guess why.)
* Obnoxious game show host
* Scantily glad sideshow girls
* Bodily parts measuring!

Where: Odeon Bar - You should know where it is by now.
When: Thursday, June 21st at 9 PM
How much: $3 to watch (you voyeur, you); Free if you wanna play (fool.)


Come on, you know you want to go see just how bad this can get! ;)
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