A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Yeah!!! What a great weekend! :-)

Friday, Louise and I got, pretty much, everything out her storage unit. Then we left town about 5pm, and rolled in to San Diego about 2am.

Once there, we quickly unloaded the back, hopefully with out annoying the neighbors. And then I promptly crashed.

Next morning was Breakfast at the Living Room. Then we went and watch drag and autocross racing.

Finally, it was time for the main event. We drove for hours out to the desert to attend an awesome party. We were there all night, and had people using Pepe's bed for a chill space all evening. After a night of brain science, we watched the sunrise. Around sunrise, I lost a contact. Finally, at about 8:30, we rolled out of there, very tired, but very happy. Andrew drove home, as I was way out of it. Then we all showered and went to bed. I got up about 5, and hit the road for home.

I got to L.A., and called Rage for dinner, and found out that I-5 is NOT the freeway to be on to get to Rage's place (won't Kip be envious... I know where Rage lives, and you don't. Neener neener neener!!! (Yep, the maturity of a three year old, and proud of it! ;P) After getting lost a couple times, I finally made it to Alex's place about 8pm. Then we had dinner, and I hit the road again about 9pm.

From that point, multiple road repair operations slowed things up. When I finally reached the I-5/152 junction, I stopped at the rest area for a two hour nap, as I was all over the road.

I finally got home at 6am, and promptly crashed for two more hours of sleep, and then rushed into work.

So, basicly, I'm very tired, but very happy.

And having fun on the desert, like that, has me jonesing for Burnig Man, badly.

Note to self... Work on the E.L. Wire suit, so I can dance in it without strands going out.

p.s., Beau and I took around a hundred pictures pictrues. Once I get them off the digital camera. And I let the people, I have e-mail addresses ,for peruse then (to get rid of the inappropriate ones). I'll make them available to the public.

p.s.s., Glitter? Sticker? (j/k)
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