A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

You know you want to go to my school...

Mellis and I were discussing how cool Lucy used to be before Rory got her hairy lips on her, which went on to discussing how lame it is Lucy is attacking MarbleSpire in the_garage (how much lamer will Rory make Lucy before she hits rock bottom and realise who she has become, and how shitty that person is?), to how "scary" it is Chris is about to graduate with a degree in psychology, which finally lead to this discussion:

(07:31:21) adameros: So what are you majoring in? Other than slackerdom?

(07:31:41) Bubber Lemming: just slackerdom, since im not in school right now :-p
(07:31:58) Bubber Lemming: for what its worth, ive learned to be an ambidexterous smoker

(07:32:33) adameros: I can see it now... "I've got my advanced degree. I'm a doctor, Baby! Dr. Slack to you!"

(07:32:45) Bubber Lemming: because im anal about holding the cigarettes out the window [or at least close enough that most of the smoke goes out], and when im driving its on the left and im right-handed.
(07:32:49) Bubber Lemming: &that would be scary..

(07:33:48) adameros: Hmmm... I think I should start my own school. Adam's Nonacredited School of Slack. I think I could handle being the Dean of Slack.

(07:34:24) Bubber Lemming: i can be your secretary of slack, in the way that i also dont do shit. :-p

(07:34:56) adameros: As long as your under the desk work is good, the job is yours. ;)

(07:35:41) Bubber Lemming: as long as its not too much work :-p

(07:36:15) adameros: Hmmm... Majors in Cartoon Network, two in THC (one pot, the other The History Channel), a major in bumming smokes. I'm sure we could get at least twenty majors.

(07:36:50) Bubber Lemming: we need a major in useless charts and diagrams too.
(07:36:52) Bubber Lemming: those are fun

(07:36:55) adameros: You would get a full normal diploma, and a bunch of mini diplomas printed on rolling papers and pint glasses.

(07:37:00) Bubber Lemming: hahahaha

(07:37:55) adameros: I know I majored in Beerology. Our whole football team would be mascots, like Homer and Bullwinkle.

(07:38:31) Bubber Lemming: haha
(07:39:05) Bubber Lemming: and. astoundingly enough, im going to go to bed :-p
(07:39:32) Bubber Lemming: talk to you eventually. and see you soon too [wow, creepy..]

(07:39:38) adameros: I think I should post this, to she who else wants to sign up for class. ;)

(07:39:54) Bubber Lemming: 'class', rather
(07:40:03) Bubber Lemming: they can make suggestions for curriculum too
(07:40:26) Bubber Lemming: but anyway. byeee! &night :-p

(07:40:41) adameros: Hmmm... We could even havean "Apathy Department", no need for space for them as they never show anyway.

(07:40:41) Bubber Lemming : thingie
leave a message

(07:40:46) adameros: TTYL!

So, who's coming to school? (Or at least taking apathy classes by sleeping in?)

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