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Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 07:58 pm (no subject)
Tonights zinger from brokenchains:
the lap dance is so much better when the stripper cries

She is such a warm and sensitive person...
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Ceci n'est pas une personne.
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Date:March 7th, 2005 04:14 am (UTC)
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Gotta love Bloodhound Gang for giving us that lovely song.
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Date:March 7th, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
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I am one of the most beautiful, intelligent, friendly, kind, compassionate, caring, sweet, genuine, angelic person that you will ever know.
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Date:March 7th, 2005 05:32 pm (UTC)
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Ummm... I think you really need to tell your doctor about these dillusions you keep having. ;)
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Date:March 7th, 2005 06:49 am (UTC)
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well it gives me quite a thrill- when she grinds me against her will... Oh the lap-dance is so much better when the stripper is crying...
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Date:March 7th, 2005 07:24 am (UTC)
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I need to download that song, its so funny!