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David Letterman's Top 10...

Number 9 explains a lot of things...

Top Ten United States Secrets Sold To The Russians

10. Our satellite defense system is just a Polaroid on a really tall tree
9. Of eleven herbs and spices in KFC, nine are illegal barbituates
8. Our last five presidents have all been Nixon in disguise
7. 87% of all American commercials feature someone opening a refrigerator and then being greeted by a talking sandwich
6. How Donald Trump gets his hair to do that
5. Al Gore really won Florida
4. Despite his public denials, President Clinton did in fact have sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky
3. The Hamburger Helper hand is real and responsible for over 100 homicides
2. Jerry Orbach's Visa number is 4114482359023411409 -- go nuts, Commie bastards!
1. The real reason Nicole is leaving Tom: Dave Letterman
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