A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

It's the interview game! You know the rules, if you want to be interviewed, ask here.

Here are five questions from crista

  1. Tell me about your personal feelings on dating someone in the porn world?
    I've had bad experiences with that. There was someone who I loved very much who I used to take pictures of for the fun of it. Then she decided she wanted to model for altporn sites and I was both uncomfortable with her modelling for other people and at the same time I felt very uncomfortable signing away the rights to pictures I took. Maybe it was because it was a change in the status quo and if I dated someone I already knew modelled it might be different. Right now though, I'm pretty leery of dating models.
  2. What is your favorite picture you've taken?
    I really don't know. On a personal level, I regularly find myself going back through and enjoying silly canid shots I've taken from hanging out with friends. Though it's my land scapes that always end up as my desktop background.
  3. Do you have a muse?
    No. In fact I think I have anti-muses. I love taking ictures and I always have my camera with me and I regularly have people asking me to put it away, leave it home, etc. They have conditioned me to where I rarely pull the camera out of my bag unless I know it's a picture I must have. Even when alone. I would love a muse. Some one to encourage me instead of telling me to stop.
  4. Why should I move to the West Coast?
    You are a vibrant person who needs and craves a vibrant social scene. The west coast offers that, but you have to pay for it. San Francisco area was the coolest place I've ever lived, but rent was way too much. Seattle is likely the next coolest, but almost as expensive. Then Portland, which is more of a "great place to be a young adult raising kids" kind of place. I'm not sure how Los Angeles fits into this scheme. I think it's an odd polarizing place that you either vemenently love or hate. But back to why the west coast... It is beautiful here. The ocean, mountains, forests, deserts, plains, valleys, etc. It is a very Dynamic place with things always happening. The weirdest thing is how different the peopel attitudes are from city to city on the west coast. Complete different cultures. It's important to find the culture you mesh best with.
  5. Boxers/breifs/nothing. Your preference?
    Boxers. I some times go commando, but usually boxers. I don't own any breifs.

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