A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

  • Do you have a certain trait that will stick with you all your life?
    Ummm.... Chewing ice? I'm not sure. I'll leave a note in my will. ;)
  • If you could donate lots of time or money to a cause, what would it be?
    There are a number of causes. I think we need to begin reform and change at home though, and I think my efforts would reflect that. Drug and prison reform, more education and job trainning, and programs to help the homeless become gainfully employed members of socirty again.
  • Is there a place, event or a person that you would give anything to be able to photograph in your lifetime?
    There are a lot. The places I think are all feasable, though I think it would be very interesting to be a photographer in the PResidencial press corp.
  • I really want to eat at the montage again! Will you meet me there for dinner some day? What's your favorite eatery in Portland.
    Absolutely! And I have a couple favorites like Hubers and Nona Amelia's.
  • If you could just pack up and move easy peasy what country would you consider spending most of your life in or would you stay in the states?
    When I visited Thailand and Peru, both made me want to become and expatriot. Thailand was for selfish reason, I would be so amazingly rich in that country. But Peru is it was because I genuinely loved the people and area.

    bonus question
    What the hell are you doing on your pc? Get out!

    What a silly question, I'm filling out your interview questions!!! ;)
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