A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

A few miles from the house is Twin Oaks Airpark. It's a cool small airport with a lot of ultralights and experimental aircraft. Expreimental mean's it was most likely made from a kit, not that it is a development craft. Anywat, the first Saturday of every month they have a Fly-In. Just like a Cruise-In, but for planes. And they have a pancake breakfast. One of the co-presidents of the cars club I'm in (we're all president of the club) and a co-worker stores his fire engine at the airpark. This morning we went out there to see tha plane and Jeff's fire engine (a.k.a. The Brick). I didn't get may good pictures, but one or two came out okay...

I would love a flying boat like this. This one only seats four people, but you can land at airports, lakes, rivers, and ports. It truely explimplifies the freedom of flight, in that you also has freedom of choice in where to land.

This plane is an "experimental" plane. there were a couple dozen of this basic style there. The make of this plane is based in the Portland area, and apparently is fairly popular amoung the kit plane crowd.

A single person ultralight biplane. I would actually love an open cockpit ultralight plane. Top speed about 55mph, only 5gallons of gas, but... It gos slow enough and you can fly low enough that it would be fun for aerial photography.

This Fairchild, I'm guessing, is from the 1920's or 1930's with cloth over wood construction.

A Beechcraft, with their famous "V" tail. You don't see many of these anymore.

The most unique airplanne at the airpark! Actually, it's Jeff's fire engine. Leave it to Jeff to get the least likely to fly thing ever, and store it at an airpark. ;)


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