A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I just got back from Sunriver. Unfortunately I was saddled with taking the dogs, meaning I couldn't stop and take photos in route. It's a 4 hour drive that I wanted to get through without letting them out because once out it would have been like pulling teeth reinserting them in the crate/cab.

While there I went to the High Desert Museum and got a fun pictures, but I really wanted to get a sunset or sunrise picture from the top of the butte at Lava Lands Park. Unfortunately the park hours are 8am-5pm, no exception. I went out via 26, which took me over Mt. Hood and down through Warm Springs. Then I returned via Sisters and Salem. Both are immensely beautiful drives.

But here are some of the pictures I did manage to get...

The High Desert Museum is also a center to take care of wounded animals, including several variety of raptors. They made it very clear that they are not a zoo, but a recover center. They do not breed the bird, just tend to wounded ones and ones unable to be returned to the wild.

Here we learn the difference between the ground squirrel and the chipmunk. The ground squirrel is slightly larger, and the chipmunk has strips on its face...

Those would be ground squirrels.

And those are chipmunks. No word on which one is Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.

Here we have the North American Tourist exhibit. These animals kind of creeped me out, so I kept my distance.

And there were trout in abundence.

The only scenery pictures I got. I'm hoping the look better when viewed in a larger format. The first two are a ranch, with horses (though to small to see at this resolution) and the Three Sisters in the back ground. The last one is just a feild with pretty clouds.

Anyway, I should redo the trip, but with out the dogs and with time to stop for pictures. Going in, the clouds at sunsetjust before Warm Springs, and descending into the canyon Warm Springs resides in was breath taking in that light.


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