A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

This image by Jacques Henri Lartigue is probably one of the most iconic auto racing images ever. One this you immadiately notice is the oval shape of the tires leaning one way and the people in the background the other.

This is because of the focal plane shutter on the camera. To get an idea of how a focal plane shutter works hold both your hands over your keyboard about one inch apart with the caps lock keyvisable between you hands. Keeping your hands one inch apart, move them to the right over the keyboard. Now do the same thing (at the same speed, but with your hands 4 inchs apart. A focal plane shutter works the same way, controlling how long the film is exposed by how far apart the leafs (your hands in this example) are seperated. The wider the gape the longer the exposure. Lartigue's shutter went top to bottom so as the car went across his view gap n the shutter would see the car a little further along creating the oval shape. The people in the back ground are tilted because he was panning his camera to try to keep up with the car.

This picture made such a sensation that to this day cartoons still use the tilted oval tire look to symbolize speed.

The picture is from the 1912(?) Grand Prix of France.

I decided to try to emulate Lartigue iconic image with this picture from Sunday and a little time in The GIMP.

The final version.

The pre-Lartigue version.

The original.

Poll #531771 Lartigue-esque?

So, what do you think? Did I get the right feel?

You kick ass!
It's okay.
I've seen better.
Don't quit your day job (or any other job).
Please, for the sake of all man kind, never, ever, pick up a camera again.

Constructive critisism appreciated.

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