A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I will let round one of the boob poll run until Monday. Some of the heats have run away winners so far, and others are locks in big ties.

Heat 1:
A three way tie between acidk, adameros, and agenthavok.

Heat 2:
becoming_anne is running away with it.

Heat 3:
A tie between boyishgirl and brokenglasseyes

Heat 4:
An amusing tie between digitalretina and dk

Heat 5:
evalove and fanless are neck and neck.

Heat 6:
A massive four way love fest between flutterby_gabby, george_w_bush, harmonic_melody, and hepkitten.

Heat 7:
iconoclastcrack is the favorite in heat 7.

Heat 8:
jennygarp is pulling ahead in heat 8.

Heat 9:
In a suprise move kim_jong_il__ is whoopin' ass in heat 9.

Heat 10:
lifeisstatic and maigremeg are in a close race.

Heat 11:
meglet is the only game in town for heat 11.

Heat 12:
In heat 12, nialavender is showing she's got what it takes.

Heat 13:
ohsweetnothin and perpetualfog are duking it out for 1st.

Heat 14:
pushshove has a commanding lead.

Heat 15:
rayhje is leaving the competition in his dust.

Heat 16:
sassy_kinky and sio are both quick out of the gate.

Heat 17:
skrape and soshesays are leading the pack.

Heat 18:
suburbanbohemia and timidangel are as tight as can be.

Heat 19:
underlyingheart is trouncing the competition.

Heat 20:
xeroproject's boobs are putting the rest of the field to shame.

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