A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I am the most beloved despot ever!!!!

If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:
How you gained your rule:
Your title is:Oh Great Powerful Super-Duper One
Your symbol is:the flamingo, because it's pink!
You rule from:a great, golden, gem-studded palace
At your side is:your body double - hey, good lookin'!
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:sexy elves with swords
Your most popular law is:"Whack Your Boss With A Dead Fish" Day
Your least popular law is:Electro-shock collars for stupid people
Your worst enemy is:rumored to be cuter than you . . . so not true!
Your popularity rating is:: 96%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 8%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Take that brokenchains! I am cuter!!!! :-P

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