A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

We have rendered the field down to the cream of the crop. The best boobs on Adam's friends list. Three contestants who have come so far, now have one last hurdle.

Let me introduce first contestant, boyishgirl (a.k.a., Amira). While it pains me deeply that she has never friended me back (ahem!), but I am very pleased that she is taking an active part in this competition and has made it so far. She loves animals, and rescues cats. Plus she alwaqys has good beer in her fridge. Oh, and she get's more sex than any two of us combined.

Next we have meglet, (a.k.a, Meg). Meg is an avid writer of fan fictions with a large and loyal fan base (from this point on referred to as Meg's Militia). Many of whom will go the extra mile to see that their favorite sassy author is proven to have the best boobs on my friends list.

Last, but definitely not least, we have shaebot (a.k.a., Shae). While the term "MILF" is commonly used in conjunction with Shae's name, I am far to mature to go there (yeah, right!). But I will say that Shae has time and time again proven herself as more than just an internet hottie. She is generous, caring, and smart as a whip.

So, please, let it be known that all these boobs are amazing, and now I leave it up to all of you to pick the very best. And Friday morning we will have a winner (unless there is a tie).

Poll #540560 Boob finals!!!!!

Boob finals: who has the best boobs on Adam's friends list?


p.s., if you have the time to vote here, I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to vote for me, adameros, here. thx!

p.p.s. (or is that p.s.s.?), several member of the XY camp have commented that pictures are needed for this poll. No one volunteered to be in this poll. I just made it up to be some good natured fun for everyone on my friends list to take part in. Because no one volunteered, I think it would be out of line for me to submit pictures for the contestants. But if they wish to advertise, campaign, bribe voters, and show pictures, that is their own choice.

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