A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Well... I head off for Burning Man in just over four weeks. Two weeks of letting my inner freak flow. Seeing people and things far weirder than me. Letting all my inhibitions drop. Two weeks of truely feeling alive.

People say Burning Man is a drug fest. I suppose it could be considered that, but it really isn't. There is no selling, it's just what you bring for your self, or others are willing to share. But those people are missing the point. Drugs are redundant out there. It's so strange and surreal already. You are like a kid wanking into F.A.O. Schwarts for the first time. Your mouth hanging open as you gaze in wonder at fun things you could have never imagined. Burning Man is the drug, anything else is superfluous.

People say Burning Man is a naked rave. While there are a lot of rave camps, they are far out numbered by the real art camps. And there are a few naked people, I would guess 5% or the people. It's not as many as you would think from the pictures. I ean, you are in the desert, it's 100 degrees out, very dry. Would you wanna sun burn your nipples or shclong? Me neither.

People say it's a ramant sex fest. Well... No more so than anywhere else. You are surrounded by cool, fun people, having a great time. I did not see people hooking up with total strangers, and what did happen tended to be in the privacy of people tents, not for public display.

Basicly Burning Man is a lot of people going out and doing radical self expression. That could be a sculptue. It could be body art. It could be music. It could be anything. And as long as you are contributing, participating, and having fun you will be cheered.

I can not wait to go feel alive again.

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