A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I'm sure most of the women on my friends list have received love note, romantic invites, unwanted advances, etc.

I saw this police report mentioned on a mailing list:

A female UA student called police Monday afternoon after receiving an e-mail message that she considered to be harassment.

According to police reports, the message she received 8:29 p.m. Monday was from her ex-boyfriend that she had been separated from for two years. She told police she considered it harassment because her ex knew she was engaged to be married.

The message contained details about taking her out on a date and how much she would like it, but contained no profanity or threats, reports stated.

The message stated, "I got what you need. I will sex you wild." It went on to state, "I will dress you up in an expensive silk suit. I will order this meal in French which will make you wet. There will also be cloth napkins. We will take a ride in a luxurious limousine that contains a TV, all at my expense. I will provide the $70 necessary for this romantic ride," reports stated.

The man then wrote what would happen after the dinner and limo ride. "Girl, it will then be time for me to give you my love. We will return to my lavish apartment and I will remove all your clothes, including your bra, panties and your socks. These sheets will be sparkling clean, as they will have been washed with only the finest laundry detergents and cleaning agents purchasable at the local grocery," reports stated.

According to reports, the man's message became explicit toward the end. "Woman I want you to ride me. Then I will stick it in you in the most romantic manner possible."

Police told the woman to contact the man and tell him to leave her alone. Officers said she could file a restraining order if necessary.

While this is very much an unwanted advance, but it did have me thinking that even if it was wanted attention, it is still rather cheesy.

So, assuming a love/lust letter is desired, what would you fingd good or bad? What are some stories you would be willing to share about past letters? If you were writing a letter to yourself, what would it say?

Shakespeare turned Cyrano into legend, but letter tastes seem to very wildly from the cheesy to the obscene, to the jst plain boring. What makes a good love/lust letter?

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