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Aug. 2nd, 2005 @ 08:24 am (no subject)
I have a question for my astrologistically (is that even a word?) minded friends...
We've Sedena, a planetoid, added to our solar system. And now this new planet that the discovers are tentatively callin "Xena" (yes, as in the warrior princess). It seems most astrological predictions are based on how the planets, the moon, and the sun line up with zodiac figures made up by stars, and with meteor showers and comets potenting great changes. The planets seem to represent emotions and personality traits. So...

Are only celestrial objects that visiable to the naked eye included in astrological calculations? And how are traits assigned to planets? With the discovery of "Xena", when I open the news paper to the comics pages and look at the astrology sections, will I see, "Taurus: As Xena goes into retrograde, now would be a good time to build that bomb shelter"?

What are your predictions for the predictions of Xena?
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