A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I find it depressing that I've never played strip poker, or an strip dice game like...

Striptease Dice Game (taken from brokenreel, who took it from http://askmen.com/):

This could arguably be the most fun game listed here, if you play it with the right people. To enjoy, all you need is an even number of guys and girls (only hot ladies please), two dice and your favorite shot. The rules are pretty straightforward: each player gets a turn to roll the dice. If they roll an even number, they take a shot. An odd number means they must remove an item of clothing of their choice. For any doubles, the rules go like this:

1-1: Choose between taking a shot or removing an item of clothing
2-2: Give a shot to the person to your right
3-3: Get off scot-free; no shots or stripping
4-4: Challenge someone to truth or dare
5-5: Put a piece of clothing back on
6-6: Kiss the person to your right

Bonus: If you think the rules make it too probable that you'll all be naked by the seventh roll, make it so that every time a player gets an odd roll, they may tell any player to choose between removing an item of clothing or taking a shot.

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