A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Some Pepe le Pew quotes for wooing...

“Where are you, my little gumbo of chicken? Your French fried shrimp is sizzling for you.”

“Permit me to introduce myself, I am your new lover.”

“Where are you, my little object of art? I am here to collect you.”

“Is it possible to be too attractive?”

“The game of love is never called on account of darkness, my little midnight snack."

“You may call me Streetcar, because of my desire for you.”

“You stop resisting me, bebe, and I’ll stop resisting you.”

“You are the corned beef, and I am the cabbage. The corned beef is nothing without the cabbage.”

“You are my peanut, I am your brittle!”

“You know, most men would get discouraged by now fortunately for you, I am not most men!”

"Ah! This little one wishes to commit suicide to prove her love for me. What a sweet gesture. Nevertheless, I must prevent it."

"Friday? Monday? Right now?"

"Everyone should have a hobby, don't you think? Mine is making love."

"When you are a skunk, you learn how to hold your breath for a long time."

"There are plenty of fish in the ocean, if you like fish. Personally, I prefer girls."


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