A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I got most of my shopping for Peru done last night.

What I got:
  • Backpack: When I went before, I borrowed my Dad's, but he ids going this time I needed to get my own.
  • Three pairs of sock liners.
  • One pair of glove liners.
  • Two pairs of zip off pants (converts to shorts).
  • Two shirts.

What I still need:
  • Rubber boots*
  • Sandles*
  • Fleece vest/jacket
  • A hat

What I want:
  • Hiking pole
  • A waterproof bag for my camera.
  • Spare battery or two for my camera.
  • A couple more memory cards for my camera.
  • A theme song. Every hero needs a theme song.

We will be canoing and hiking in very muddy conditions so we can not use leather footwear, so I need to find some Teva, or equivelent, sandles and some rubber boots I can hike in. One person is just getting mucking boots, but in a hot jungle, mucking boots that never fit right just sound like nasty blisters. I'm wondering if military jungle boots might be better.

It boils down to, I want boots that fit, are comfortable walking in for a couple miles, are waterproof, will not be destroyed by the jungle, and possible breath.

Any suggestions?

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