A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

So far the "crush on me" polls is showing that people who have known me in person are far more likely to have never had a crush on me...


The people who did say they had a crush on me gave the following reasons:

ReasonMy response
It's all about the self-love, baby!Okay... I admit it, I love myself. :-P
you said you were tall6'4"
your large willy.6'4"... Oh... Wait...
Peru, hello. :PNo, no, no, the name is "Adam". :-P
How could you possibly have me narrow it down?!Good point. I'm all sorts of good. ;)
your handsome head! hmmmm that just sounds odd but I'll leave it as it itThanks! :-) (working very hard to refrain from "head" jokes... ;)
And still do. You're intelligent, handsome, witty, funny, and interesting. SHINY!Ooooh!!! Shiny!!! Shiny is good!!! :-)
You have a techy geek job and you're single. (does that make me pathetic?)No, but it kinda makes me sound pathetic. You still sound hot! ;)

Thanks!!! :-D
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