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This quiz has me thinking, when I get old and crotchity, and finally kick the bucket, I would love a New Orlean's style jazz wake. But then I was thinking I would really prefer to be there for it. Anyone else agree with me on this one? I mean, what the point of having a party if you can't boogie down at it. If you agree with me on this, let me know. I think it would be fun to have a huge faux wake party. Maybe right before or on Halloween, and then all of the "deceased" can have a faux zombie ritual at the end and can be zombies for the rest of the evening. Sounds like fun to me. Come get zombified with me!!! :-)

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What is your full name?
What sex are you?
how old are you
Do you have a gf/bf?
Do you want a gf/bf?
Where do you live?
What was the last thing you ate?
Who do you think will be the answer?
The Person who will kill you...thadragonfly
The person who will dance on your grave...elisharene
The person who will write your obituary...supersoaker
The person who will dig up your bones to use in a strange voodoo spell to resurrect you...iconoclastcrack
The person who won't realise your dead...snallison
The person who will change your will to get all your stuff...divamatrix
THe person who will hide a second body in the coffin with you...vehemently
The chance this will happen?
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