A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Art project update...

My goal is to take some of my aged images and print them on transparencies, then transfre them to metal plates. Etch something into the plates where the image is not. Rub graphite into the etching to make it stand out. Cover the metal plates with enamel to protect the image and keep the plates from rusting. Glue/rivet the plates on to Moleskine sketch books to be the cover.

So far I have two small books and two large ones. The small ones will be my test cases and one will go with my to Peru for notes. I have cut out the 3x5 metal sheets for the small books.

The images are a 3x4 ratio so I will etch in the something about the image right beneath the image.

I have the images and the transparencies. And I have the enamel (matte finish).

I could not find any clear primer, but this enamel does not say it needs it, so I'm hoping I'm fine.

I just need to get either Liquitex Gloss or Golden's Matte. Possibly a run to Michael's this afternoon or some evening this week.

When the image is transferred and the enamel applied, I'm hoping for a tin-type effect.

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