A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Oh, the irony...

Back in the day England went socialist and decided they needed to support people who could not get work. A good and noble thing. Then the punk scene latched onto this and figured they could stay on the dole and not have to ever work. To do this they would have to regularly apply and interview for jobs they are qualified for and not get hired. To achieve this the punk movement started getting tattoos, mohawks, and oddly colored hair (piercing came a little bit later). It worked great. They could interview till the cows came home, they would not get hired, and the state would continue to pay them.

Now flash to modern day America where people get mohawks, tattoos in conspicous areas, oddly colored hair, etc and they are upset they can not get a job.

So let's condense this, people do thing patently designed to prevent them from being hired, and are then upset when they do not get hired.

Seriously, when you tattoo your forehead with a naked lady siloette (like a trucker mudflap), and you know how people would react, why do you get upset when they react they way you knew they would? Your situation was completely avoidable, but you chose to go this path with your eyes wide open. And now you whine and complain about not the tattoo, but how people treat you because of it.

The irony is delicous.

Humanity is always good for a laugh.

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