A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Three current thoughts:

  1. A friend of my parents had a quintuple by-pass surgery. A month prior he had a stress test to look for blockages and he pass with flying colors. Then it turns out actually 5 of his major arteries were 95% blocked. 9 hours of surgery, where the took doner arteries from his legs and put them in his chest, and he seems fine.

    One really cool thing I learned a company is doing is The Heathman Hotel. The Heathman is one of the better hotel's in Portland. Often visiting celebrities stay there. They rent their rooms at half price if you are there to be close to the Hospital.

    Anyway, my best wishes go out to Steve and his family.

  2. New Orleans... Will it survive? As I was discussing with the always stimulating tidesong, New Orlenas is below sea leval with an array of dykes holding the Gulf of Mexico at bay (while we are all amused at the word play and mental images, it probably best to keep the jokes at a minimum). This dykes are make to with stand a catagory 1 or 2 hurricane, not a 4 (what Katrina is now) or a 5 (what they are saying it could become). If a dyke crumbles and the city is flooded, what will they do? Drain the bowl and repair the city? Fill the bowl in and rebuild over old New Orleans? Move the city and rebuild on higher ground? Tell people New Orleans is gone, please move someplace else?

  3. And here I confess my dumbassness... I have been making those journals. Four of them. Two big and two small. Shae's journal was stolen so one big one goes to her. I get the other big one and a small one. And one small one is for mt sister. It's taken a week to make them. A day of image editing and printing. A couple days of enameling the pictures. A day of gluing the pictures on and applying the final enamel coat on the images. And a day to use the enamel to stencile my name and Shae's name on our respective journals. I did everything perfectly, except mine... I did the cover on mine big one upside down. I have no idea how I could have been working on the book with the image on the cover and not noticed I had the binding on the wrong side. I guess I'l have to live with it for the next few months till I'm ready to make a new one.

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