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Free Dmitry...

Today I went to the San Jose Federal Court and protested the Arrest of Dmitry Sklyarov.

At first I was just going to protest the D.M.C.A., but after hearing the events in this case, I have to say, I'm fully in support of Dmitry.

Dmitry lives in Moscow (Russia, not Idaho), and works as a programmer for a software firm. This firm makes software that decrypts eBooks, so you can read them how ever you wish. This is perfectly legal in Russia and most of the rest of the world. But it is illegal here in the U.S..

Dmitry left his wife and children, one of which is only three months old, to come give a talk in the U.S. on the security holes in eBooks. While he was here for his talk, in mid July, the FBI arrested him. Not for anything he did here, but for the coding he did in Russia, where it is legal, and because the company has sold this software in the U.S.. He was arrested 3 weeks ago, and the bail hearing was finally today, so he has been rotting in Jail for the last three weeks, without being able to get bail set.

So, as I see it, Dmitry is being held for something he did out of the U.S.'s jurisdicion. For sales the company he works for made. And has been held for three weeks, without bail being set, which is unbelievable.

Anyway, here is a bad photo of me protesting:

For more info on Dmitry, his case, and when and where protests are occuring, go to http://freesklyarov.org/

On further note, I really think Adobe is being slimy here. They brought the charges against Dmitry. Then once the Fed's were involved, Adobe dropped their case. Why did they drop the case? So they would not look bad, so they would not have to pay any further legal fees, and because the government would go from their with it. Basicly, it allows them to nail Dmitry with having to spend the legal fees, and they save face. I personally think Adobe, if they really felt about this, would be helping with Dmitry's legal fees, and covering the money he is losing by not being able to go home to his family and work.

For additional information:

Anyway, there is my political speel of the momment.

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