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A Quark of A Different Spin.

Sun breaking through the clouds in the Andes, on the Inca Trail in Peru.
Sun breaking through the clouds in the Andes, on the Inca Trail in Peru.
Woo Hoo!!! I leave for Peru one week from yesterday. This coming Thursday, my flight Oh-My-Freakin'-God O'Clock in the morning. (That translates to 5am, which, having to be there an hour early, and taking an hour to get there, etc, yeah. Too fucking early). My lens arrives today, and I should have everything I need.

One sort of plus... I was looking forward to this trip being like the last trip to Peru where we camped every night, etc. But this trip we have very limited space and a sleeping bag took about 60-75% of that space. The travel agency, unprompted by us, called the other day to say we would be staying in lodges every night. Not electricity, hot water, etc but we would have beds and clean sheets. That certainly makes the space limitation a lot easier to deal with. I love sleeping in tents, but I just gotta say, "Woo Hoo!!!!"

'VIVA EL PERU' on the hills over Cusco, Peru.
'VIVA EL PERU' on the hills over Cusco, Peru.
I do hope a couple of the lodges do have power, though. I'm sure I would make good use of any opportunity possible to recharge my camera batteries.

Oh... One thing I just remembered I need... A usb cable for my camera. I know there are internet cafes in Cusco and I can hopefully upload a few images for y'all mid trip. "Heres this one time I was doing something stupid and almost died. Heres another stupid thing I did and almost died. This time I almost died, but I deny being at fault. Etc..." (Remember, safety third!)

Now... For the celebritory halfway toast, do I hope there is some chicha or pisco in the area, or do I (wath all this extra space I now have) pack some gin and tonic? Just because I'm innoculated against malaria doesn't mean I shouldn't still do my all to fight it. :-P

So... What are y'all doing while I'm gone?

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