A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

It's been pointed out to me that several people on my friends list do not know what I look like, or as on person phased it, "how amazingly hot you are." [I am mentally blocking any sarcasm that might have been in that persons voice. la-la-la]

So I will post this self portrait from Peru, and follow with the story behind the picture.

This is jumping ahead a little in the travel log, but after over a week of sunny hot weather the last night we were supposed to be in the Manu forest it rain. It didn't just rain, it poured all night long. It thundered and lightninged all night also. It was a spectacular storm. The problem is, we were supposed to fly out the next day from a grass runway and they could not use it when it's wet. The next day, the day we were supposed to take off, it continued to drizzle and was butt-ass cold. We ended up having to stay at the lodge at the airport for the night. Luckily it was dry all night (so we could take off and because our huts had huge holes in their thatch roofs) so we could take off, but for what ever reason the commercial airline couldn't make it so they contacted the Peruvian Airforce (Fuerza Aerea Del Peru Grupo Aereo No. 42, to be exact) to fly us out.

In comes this Twin Engine Otter that is older than I am, it lands and they plane is almost full already, but they shoe horn us in. As I get in, I see panels are duct taped shut, the gasket around the door is missing (makes for a cold flight), and the have an off brand car stereo system mounted on the console of the plane.

We take off and have to deal with a LOT of thermals, and you can feel the plane washing around like a pig from the weight. From the condition of the plane, the weight, and the thunderstorms we flew through (not around, through) I was seriously fearing for my life for the first time on the trip. My sister digging her claws into my sholders every time we hit turbulence didn't help.

Our peak altitude was 18,500ft in an un pressurised plane, which is getting close to the limit where pressurisation is needed (20k, I think, is the limit).

Anyway, that is just how sexy I look when I'm fearing for my life.

The "airport".

The approach and landing.

Now boarding all rows.

The cockpit, notice, right behind the yoke, where it Y's, the car stereo with removable face place.

Views of the rain forest from the sky.


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