A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

The next-gen lazer lightshows?

I remembering the fun of Lazer Floyd and Lazer Maiden and it occurred to me that the next generation of these entertainments might be near.

The first step is already here. George Lucas, with his Star Wars movies, introduced a number of theater goers to digital projectors. These behemoths present the opportunity to hook up computers and either have operator controller graphics to go with music or fully automated. Imagine if, you will, donning you 3D glasses, and going on a psychidelic ride to the tunes of just about any band.

The next thing is on a smaller scale, thing kareoke booth sized, with a product that has been out a few years, and will be coming to a mall near you. It's an interactive projection unit. It uses a data project you projects on to a special screen that can sense where the light hits and where it is being blocked. Right now it is being used for marketing purposes, like in a movie theater when it displays on the floor kernels of corn, but as you walk over the kernels they pop into popcorn. Or a wall display where you pass your hand over the image, and the image "wipes away" revealing a new image beneith it. Now take this interactive technology andput it in a small room of friends with music, and let them and the music combine to control the graphics.

Cheese? Yes. A fun way to enjoy a lazer light show type experience without needing a planetarium? Definately.

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