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More peru picture. The people of Peru...

School kids on a field trip to a church that was an Inca temple till the Spanish tore the top off of it and converted it to a church.

All the school, in the city and the country, make their students wear uniforms. You can often tell the school by the color of the uniform.

The main square is always busy. It seems like everyday there was somthing going on from parades to tech fairs (hyping free wi-fi in the square), and concerts to fireworks.

Men weaving alpacha scarves and sweaters. In a latin culture I figured this would be "woman's work", but this is obviously not the case.

The markets, on the other hand, were run almost exclusively by the women.

Peru is 80% Catholic, and given the Catholic Churchs views on birth control it was interesting to see family planning stuff concerning birth control and STDs.

There are wonderful open air markets that a vibrant with colors and people in every community.

Signs of people in this area go back over 10,000 years.

Once you get out of Lima, Peru is a very much an agricultural society. They often are farming in conditions where mechanical assistance could not work or function so a lot of the plowing is done with animal or even more with foot ploys as they plant on slopes so steep that animal pulled plows are not practical.

Tourism is one of the most important income streams for Peru as a nation.

The rivers, untamed, undammed, and unpredictable are the life blood of this country, acting as a food source and a means of transport through many areas that would otherwise be unreachable.

Some Peruvians have given up the channels of the rivers for the avenues of the sky. Peru takes great pride in it's aeronautical history with it commemorated on their money.

And while Peru is a country full of life it is interesting that some traditionalists live with their dead.

I'm not a great photographer of people, usually I do landscapes, but I hope I've given an idea of the beauty and variety of people in Peru.

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