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Sep. 11th, 2001 @ 09:12 am (no subject)
I hope calm heads prevail...

Before the backlash occurres, we need to find out who did this.

My list of suspects:
  • Osama bin Ladden
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Libia
  • Humas(sp?)
  • Isreal
  • Drug lords
  • Native Para-Military groups

Osama Bin Ladden: Has the will, intent, and resources. Three weeks ago he warned of "unprecidented attacks" on the U.S..

Iraq: We have been bombing them daily for how man years?

Iran: Known to harbor terrorists, has the fastest growing military in the world, and still reffers to teh U.S. as the great devil. Relations with this contry have improved greatly over the last couple decades.

Libia: We have bombed them, and killed their leaders daughter. They are known to house terrorists, and hate the U.S..

Humas(sp?): I doubt they have the resources or coordination for this, but it is something this group would love to pull off.

Israel: This government in the past (when Israel was first formed) bombed thier own places of worship, in other countries, and blamed anti-semites, to "encourage" Jews to move to Israel. During the 7-day war, the knowingly sank a U.S. ship, knowing it was a U.S., because they did not want us (an ally) monitoring the war.

Drug lords: We are regularly going into South America, and exerting our law beyond our boarders. These people have the resources, and the knowledge, and do not fit the normal terrorist profiles, so would have an easier time getting through security.

Native Para-Military groups: Oklahoma City, but raised several notchs.

I feel our President can not handles this, but we are luck Collin Powel is there, to deal with this. I am supportive of what ever Collin suggests. And I worry that the President will have his usual uninformed knee jerk reaction.

We will come through this, and we will make the guilty pay, but let us make sure who is guilty before we pick up the pitch forks and torchs and start lynching.

And I would like to stress, genocide and ethnicide are not the answers. If it is Osama bin Ladden who is responsible, that does not in anyway mean that the people at the local Mosque condone this. If it is Israel, it's the governemnt, not the Jewish people. Etc...

This is why we do not need a missile defense program.

My worry is that as the inteligence community were caught totally off guard, I see this as an excuse to further invade our privacy in the name of security. Will all internation mail be read? All internation phone calls tapped? I hope it doesn't come to that.

*hugs* for all. And my love goes out to all. And my thoughts are to the families of those who have had losses from this.

Please do not add to this tragity by acting rashly.
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