Oct. 28th, 2005 @ 09:05 am (no subject)
I'm just waiting for the stupid people to get arrested...

It seems like a monthly occurence that across the web comes some story about someone arrested for watching porn in their car. Does porn belong outside fo the house? That is a matter for debate, but I do think that most people will agree that graphic sex should not be viewed with children present.

Now we have the iPod video at our disposal, with the ability to watch video anyhere, except (maybe) while scuba diving. To go with this Suicide Girls has started offering iPod videos forsale. I'm sure other porn sites will be following shortly.

This leads me to wonder how long until we hear about arrests of iPod video views on buses and in parks for enjoying a skin flick or two while commuting or relaxing in public.

With the iPod video on the market, I also wonder how long until iPod pirate video casts hit the street?

A while back I saw a guy walking down the street with a delivery bag. In the side was an "ON AIR" light and an led reader board stating a frequency, a song title, and an artist. The guy had an iPod with an FM transmitter and you could listen to his pirate broad cast, if you were close enough, as he wandered around town you could tune your radio to his frequency and enjoy his mix tape/cd/mp3.

I thought that was a brilliant, even though listenership would be minimal.

Now, how long until people have tuner and broadcast attachments on their iPod videos, and a walking around transmitting and receiving pirate broadcasts?
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