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Wow!!! I like Foothill Park. I'm so glad that Heather and her Mom took me there. Miles of trails and wild life. I think I will need to makes some return trips.

We went to the park so Heather could take pictures for her photo class. I had forgotten how much I love nature photography. I love rustic settings and putting them on film. I think I get this trait from my father, who loves taking pictures of old barns, and farms and their equiptment in various stages of decay. I'm wishing I had signed up for this class with Heather.

I also wish I had seen the stag that Shorty tried to catch. Silly dog. If it had caught the deer, it would have kicked her, and likely killed her. As it was, I just saw squirrels, lizards, people, and tracks for deer and boar.

I'm wondering if the pond is stocked with fish. Not like I bait the hook anyway. I just throw my line in the water, and then sit back and relax. But it really is beautiful in that park. I can't recommend it enough.

This is redoubling my desire to go visit the town of Drawbridge. Drawbridge is a ghost town in the middle of the over populated bay area. Near Alviso, on a marshy island are these old houses and builds, mostly build on stilts to keep them from sinking into the marsh.

Plus, I would like to make a weekend trip to Death Valley to check out a couple of the ghost towns there.

Hmmm... If you could trust the attendents to respect the builds and the like, a halloween party in a real ghost town would be a blast. We've got the equiptment and the DJ's. Unfortunately it's late notice, and my trip to Peru is too close to Halloween to arrange it.

Speaking of DJ's, Heatyher and I went to see my friends mix over in Oakland, and it was an awesome set. But they really need to get more people there, and get people dancing. Next week I'm going to drag everyone I can out. It's only $2, and what else do you have to do on a Tuesday night?

As disturbing as it is for Heather, I actually really like her family, and I think they like me, which is good. Getting along with the 'rents really makes relationships far better.

I just have to give mad props to Elaina. She is the Queen of Munchies. When ever she mentions food, it always is exactly what I'm craving at that momment. We have some serious mind, or tummy, syncing going on.

Oh, and we're forming a sex cult for Lyra. If you wish to join, e-mail me with your sexual resume, and we'll see if you are up to snuff. Are you man enough to worship Lyra like the goddess she is?

Louise and Andrew painted their room. It's looks very trip-o-rific. I actually glows green. I'm tempted to label it the Radiation Room. The room that brought you The Fly, The Blob, The Mad Assed Weed, and the Four Assed Monkey.

Oooooo!!!!! Tonight is Anime night!!! I haven't seen Squiggle in so long!!! I miss her!!! It's the second DVD of Cowboy Bebop, which I've only heard good things about, so I have high hopes. I also need to get more Trigun. And Andrew just got the Akira DVD. I will be in Japanimation bliss!!! :-)

And I just have to say, Heather is amazingly talented, and I am officially falling (fell?) in love with her. She rocks my socks (and a few other articles of clothing, also)!

To quote Cat, from Red Dwarf, "I'm so excited, all six of my nipples are tingling." :-)

[The rest of the pictures from Foothill Park can be found here.

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