A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

For penguingrrl and snagged from sio.

You know you have too many cats when...

  • Every time you open the bathroom door, a little furry creature races past you and perches on the toilet seat for a drink before you get there.
  • Your refrigerator door has its own groupies.
  • When you open the doors to your house, the cats coming and going resemble the famous Bull Run of Pamplona.
  • The rooms in your house are segregated for cats with good behavior, bad behavior, and I just don’t get along with anyone.
  • You can’t use the can opener or open a can without suddenly feeling like a giant foot and legwarmer has just engulfed you. (You certainly can’t try to turn around in the kitchen at this point without breaking a leg)
  • You can’t eat anything at all ever without your cats looking at you as if they are auditioning for a poster pet for a third world country.
  • In the farthest corner of your house and the most unlikely place to find it, yes, you find tiny grains of cat litter.
  • You hear so much hacking from cats trying to throw up fur balls, you think you have gone to an asthma clinic.
  • Walking from the kitchen to the living room with a bowl of ice cream, you muster your adrenaline because you know you will be running an obstacle course as your cats fling themselves in your path to the sofa.
  • You never watch television, work on the computer, or read a book without a furry creature inserting its little body in front of, on, or around you or the object of your attention.
  • You have an expense account to buy those roller brushes to remove pet hair from your clothes.
  • And, last but not least, you know you have too many cats in your house when you never feel unwanted, unloved, or alone at anytime day or night.

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