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Nov. 14th, 2005 @ 01:06 pm (no subject)
This is something I want to try doing someday:


I think people normally use a laser trigger for things like this. (Read: Out of budget.)

I would also like to get mounting stuff so I could use my camera with the telescope or with a microscope. The microscope offers some interesting possiblities like using a polarised light and a snowflake. When the light is polarized the snowflake is suddenly a crystiline rainbow. It's really spectacular.

I would also like to get some studio lighting (more than the two painters lights I have now) and start learning that science/art. It's easy to look at an image and figure out how it was lit as far as the type of lighting (hard vs soft) and what angles the lights were put at compared to the subject, but figuring out the distances of the light from the subject and the ratios of light's brightnesses is a bit harder.

Edit: Also check out the earth and the fractals on this page:
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