A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

We weren't just high, we were higher than you.

What a weekend... Heather, my parents, and I went to White Mountain. It was a picturesque trip.

Passing through Yosemite, Mono Lake, etc to get to Bishop, and then on to the Ancient Bristlecone Forest.

Our hike started about 11,000 feet and peaked at just over 14,000 feet. We went about 18 miles in 9 hours. You have no idea how beat we were, when it was done.

But it was a great proof of concept. When we go to Peru, we will be doing no more than 9 miles a day at around 12,000 feet, so if we could survive this, Peru should be a cake walk.

I think my parents liked Heather. This is a bonus. And her family seems to like me. When you get into a serious relationship with someone, you are also creating a relationship with their family. I've found that good parental relations makes a relationship much easier. And luckly, Heather's parent's and brother are very likable.

Speaking of parents, tonight we have dinner at Heather's parents. I'm hoping her brother is there. I'm finding that I really enjoy discussing anime with him. Though, I'm sure, my enjoying her brothers company is driving Heather up the wall.

My sister had the grand opening of her store this weekend. I wish I could have been there for the ribbon cutting. If I remember the description correctly, it's a non-proffit used cloths store, to raise money for kids on the street, with e needle exchange program, and therapy in the back. It sounds like a great idea, and I seriously hope it works.

On the down side of dinner tonight... I'm tired... Well, sorta tired. My mind is active, and I don't want to sleep, but my body is not eager about moving or being social. But I do enjoy Heather's family, so I can definately drag myself out of my Laz-E-Boy for them.

On a totally different note... We NEED to plan a group camping trip while we still have acceptable weather. Heather, Louise, Andrew, Elena, CJ, Nicole, Jason, John, Erika, etc, etc, etc all out under the stars, hanging out, doing weird things to our brains and senses. When you are out camping, you can be part of the group, or wander off, etc. And generally, you just feel at one with the universe, and very at peace. Back when John lived here, he was so laid back and chill that the house was a serious no drama zone. I think going out, and letting all the drama just wash away would be good for the house.

Worry, I think, is one of the most useless emotions. It keeps you focused on what is holding you back, but does not help you find ways to move on, or make yourself happier. In life, 90% of your problems will solve themselves. 9%, no one will remember in two weeks. That leaves 1% that you have have to worry about. My advice to the world, "Take a deep breath. Think, 'Does this really matter?' And move on."

Anyway... Here are all the pictures from the trip.

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