A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Three hours to go, and the votes are pouring in.

Heat 1:
111466 continues to hole a narrow lead with 4 votes and just 25% of the votes.

Heat 2:
brokenchains is kicking ass. Her penguins have stuffed the ballot to her current 9 votes (64.3%).

Heat 3:
crashtestcase continues his lead with 6 votes, or 50% of the votes cast in his heat.

Heat 4:
dk has extended his lead with 7 votes (63.6).

Heat 5:
We have a three way tie!!! faeriez, fanless, and girl_on_a_stick each have 3 votes (27.3%).

Heat 6:
iconoclastcrack is in the lead with 4 votes (30.8%).

Heat 7:
justmadabout has extended her lead by one vote and has 50.0% of the votes.

Heat 8:
latnerb have broken the tie and has a one vote lead with 5 votes (31.2%).

Heat 9:
monoandy still have strong lead with 5 votes (45.5%), but the competition is starting to awake up.

Heat 10:
elucidate_this has a strong lead with 5 votes and 41.7% of the vote.

Heat 11:
perpetualfog, out of ten votes, she has 6 of them.

Heat 12:
pushshove has 12 out of 12 votes. Can she keep the kisses flowing through the next round?

Heat 13:
sabrinathecrazy and sex_slavexxx are still tied with 3 votes each.

Heat 14:
spr0cket has the pucker down, she has 6 votes. Her two closest rivals are tied with 3.

Heat 15:
tidesong knows how to plant a big one! A whopping 28 votes!!!

Heat 16:
shaebot has a nice lead. She has 6 votes. Her four closest rivals are tied at 1.

Heat 17:
xeroproject has a 6 vote margin with his 8 votes total.

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