A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

(19:42:31) adameros: *interviewer voice* Ms. Tidesong, you have blown away your competion in this first round of the kissing contest. What do you credit for this amazing show of skill and force?
(19:42:40) tidesong: *laugh*
(19:43:03) adameros: Don't be modest, your fans are dying to know. :-)
(19:43:27) tidesong: My reputation precedes me :D
(19:44:03) adameros: Is there any work out program or diet you adhere to to achieve such remarkable results in this world class competition?
(19:44:39) adameros: (p.s., this is getting posted. ;) )
(19:44:50) tidesong: You are *not*
(19:44:56) tidesong: *giggle*
(19:44:58) tidesong: *clears throat*
(19:45:33) tidesong: Well, I spend five hours a day kidding my teddy bear. Another two talking dirty to hot men. The tootsie roll pops take care of the rest.
(19:46:18) adameros: Excellent! Thank you very much for your valuable time. I will let you get back to your tongue stretching exercises, as we wait for round two to begin. :-)
(19:47:35) tidesong: Thank you, Adam!

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