A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

adameros's LJ New Year Party (Now At Least 26% Politically Correct!)

Started : 01st January 2006 02:25:08 AM

Ended : 01st January 2006 07:31:47 PM
Alco Money! : $ 322

Guests of Honour

perpetualfog is an unfortunate Agnostic. perpetualfog drank 4 Whiskeys, 1 Everclear, 2 White Wines.
adameros is a bitter Fundementalist Christian. adameros decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
eva268 is a dejected Muslim. eva268 drank 7 Tequilas, 2 Red Wines.
xcornycorncornx is an insane Liberal Christian and a full-time Barney Gumble impersonator who throws bricks onto cars from freeway overpasses. xcornycorncornx drank 3 Tequilas.
us_naked is an offensive Fundementalist Christian and is as anti-alcohol as they come. us_naked decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
fanless is a downhearted Hindu. fanless drank 11 Rums, 1 White Wine, 4 Gins, 4 Aftershocks.
jagged is a fanciful Wiccan. jagged drank 7 Kahluas.
siwwy_wabbit is a mean-spirited Liberal Christian who enjoys biting the heads off seagulls in front of children. siwwy_wabbit drank 1 Rum, 1 Aftershock.
sportfuckers is a vile Hindu and a borderline alcoholic. sportfuckers drank 4 Brandys.
adameros is a poignant Wiccan. adameros drank 13 Lagers.
sassy_kinky is a whimsical Agnostic and an all around space cadet who's mind has been destroyed by beer over the years. sassy_kinky drank 2 Whiskeys, 10 Ciders.


Clean up at adameros's place! Urgh bejesus man, there's soup pieces in this barfpile! Fucking ell theres 5 of them!


jagged managed to provoke a frenzied attack from us_naked after mocking their saviour ouija board. 'Jesus? Are you there? Are there pretzels in Heaven? Yes or No?' jested jagged


xcornycorncornx and adameros now seem to be inseperable after giving into temptation and romping like two love starved hogs over adameros's parents couch!

The Drunkest

fanless has signalled their intentions of abandoning all of their LJ friends and booking themselves into a Thai monastery.

Random Events

sassy_kinky declared war on the kitchen fridge after a mild psychotic episode led the back to the day were they trapped their
gonads in the door. Just to rub it in adameros simulated intercourse with the cooler. Before trapping their own gonads in the same way!

adameros accused perpetualfog of having sold their brothers vibrator to slovakian terrorists in exchange for a guided tour
of a gay brothel in minsk.

Happy New Year!

Do you believe in all of that New Years Resolution shit? If not, celebrate the New Year as you mean to go on with the ultimate new years party from hell!

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

God Loves Coke.


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