A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

My political rant of the day...

Bush is trying to turn America into a dictatorship. He has issued an executive order to make all his record secret, that he feels should be secret. Nixon tried to do this and presidencial records were made public record for a reason.

Second, court records are public record to protect the rights of those being tried. We also have limits on how long we hold people with out charging them. This is to prevent abuse. As it it, they are making it secret that they hold people, and the trials of foriegner secret. Why the need for secrecy? Courts already have the ability to seal records to keep sensitive info from getting out.

Third, according to the new definition of terrorism, if anyone without citizenship (even if they have a visa and/or a green card) and they commite a crime with intent to hurt someone or someones property, then they have commited "terrorism". So, if someone with a green card has a a domestic violence case, they could easily be cart off and held in jail for a month, without being charged, and then sent to a secret military court.

Finally... Stem cell research... If we grew an embreo to a few dozne cells, still lower than a jellyfish in complexity, and one embreo can cure several people of spinal damage, parkinsons disease, diabeties, brain damage, and a wide range of currently uncurable and dibilitating deseases that cost out healths system billions, strain their families, and decrease their quality of life and eventual kill them. This should be a no brainer. I feel that sacrificing one or two potential lifes for the dozens of lives, per embrio (an embrio from an egg that would have likely never been insemenated anyway), is worth it. But no, but denying research, and claiming it's "morally wrong" our president is essencially waging his own biologicalwarfare on the American people. Because of the lack of research and development, how many people will continue to die and suffer? How many families will deal with the greif of seeing their parents and children die and suffer? Our president is willing to send American troops to die when 5,000 in a bombing, but he is unwilling to sacrifice a few cells to save millions from debilitating and injuries.

We have a fucked up President, and I'm counting the days till his four years are up. He takes away our rights, and our abilities to ensure the rights of others. He does not let us see what he's doing (the Presidencial Record) so we have no idea if he's pulling a Nixon on us. And he is willing to risk American lives in foriegn lands, but not willing to use a few cells to save millions. What's next, testing chemical weapons on American's to see if we are ready to respond, much like when the U.S. government radiated whole cities of people to see what the health risks were?

This is supposed to be a government for the people, by the people. We need a president willing to answer to the American people. Instead, when we, the people question secret trials, he ignores us, but is willing to discuss it to forgeign leaders. Foreign leaders didn't elect him, we did, and we deserve answers. We deserve answers as to how it is morally wrong to save the lives of millions. How holding people upto a month without charging them doesn not go against our forefathers wishs in their rebelion against the English. How he feels his actions should not be reviewed by his employers, us the people.

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